We create dynamic advertising and work directly with you to target customers. Hundreds of local businesses say we are the best way to advertise. Maybe that is why we continue to grow. Value to you. Reaching more customers both on TV and online.

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We make for you a video that will play 12 to 18 times a day on cable TV, in a loop, surrounded by local programing.
We will broadcast that custom made video for a month.
We host the video on for an entire year.
You have use of this video anyway you wish. Put it on your website. Share it on facebook. Send it to clients. Download it onto your tablet… It’ s a tool for you to use anyway you wish!

We have made thousands of these videos for all kinds of business and homeowners. We can even help you sell or rent your house!

Call or email Geno for a price that will astound you.
508-825-8817 for Nantucket
207-255-5911 for Downeast Maine

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Hello and welcome to is the umbrella website for both TV17 Nantucket and the 26 towns of Downeast TV channel 5 broadcasting out of Machias Maine.

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PO Box 1042
Nantucket MA, 02554

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